ARKLE Veterinary Care, LLC

1020 Concord Rd., SE
Smyrna, GA 30080-4206



          Customer Care           

Debbie Goodspeed is the office manager. Her job is to keep ARKLE running smoothly.  Her responsibilites include work schedules, inventory and ordering, collections and reception.  Debbie grew up here in Smyrna and has lived here most of her life. She has over 28 years experience in customer service and loves working with people and animals. Debbie has been with ARKLE since 2000. Before that she was an ARKLE client. The love of her life is all things Sheltie, most especially her first boy, Sebastian, now on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. She is currently owned by a beautiful if somewhat spoiled cat named Crystal.

  Veterinary Assistants 

Abe Levinson is the head veterinary assistant at ARKLE. He has been assisting Dr. Rox  care for pets since 1994.  His responsibilities and interests cover a wide range, including graphic arts design, photo restoration, all things having to do with cinema and film making, as well as maintaining most of the computer based equipment in the clinic, and working with dogs and cats. Abe designed our new logo and sign. Abe does not currently have any pets, (because he works all the time!) but always treats our patients as if they were his own. (Shelby, the puppy at left, was boarding with us and soon had Abe "wrapped around her paw". Abe continued to be her "slave" until she and her parents moved away. Abe also makes etched photo pet plaques and other customized objects to celebrate a special holiday or as a wonderful remembrance of a friend who now lives only in your heart.

Kiterri Dailey has been a veterinary assistant at ARKLE Veterinary Care since August 2010. She has been helping take care of animals since 2002. Her household is currently being run by Li Li, a beautiful blue & white cat who knows she's the "queen" of the house, and now a second kitty, Gidget, who is being held by Kiterrie in the photo to the right. Li Li is deciding if Gidget can be accepted, but has generously allowed Kiterrie and her boyfriend, Chris, to live in the same house with Li Li, as long as they are well behaved. Kiterrie enjoys spending time with her friends, pets and horses in her free time.



Jim Pettit has been a veterinary assistant at ARKLE Veterinary Care since October 2015. He is new to veterinary medicine, but is learning quickly. He has a special way with kitties (and dogs, looking at Hannah in his photo). Jim has had varied career, including blueprint reproduction, farm equipment sales and being a professional truck driver. His interests include sports, especially Nascar, golf and bowling. In case you are wondering about the last name, yes, he is related to Dr Rox. They have been married since 2008.