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ARKLE Veterinary Care offers Customized Parasite Prevention for our patients. 

Our clinic can prescribe and arrange delivery of prescriptions from our affiliated compounding pharmacy. This medication is made specifically for your pet to provide broad-spectrum parasite control at an affordable price, regardless of the size of your dog.

You chose if you prefer capsules or peanut butter flavored chew tabs for a full year of monthly internal parasite control for your pet. You can also add in a year's worth of monthly, easy to apply flea, tick and lice topical protection for your pet. You chose if you would prefer to pick the medication up at the clinic within 5 to 10 business days of placing your order, or free home delivery of the medication.

Call us today at 770-435-6700 to learn more about this easy, safe way to keep your pet (and your billfold!) healthy!

Your protection options include:

      • Heartworm
      • Roundworm
      • Hookworm
      • Tapeworm**
      • Flea Eggs
      • Adult Fleas
      • Ticks & Lice

Don't let your pet go unprotected from life-threatening parasites. Get your pet protected today!

** NOTE: If you plan to open the capsules and mix the medication into your pet's food, we recommend you do NOT have the medicine for tapeworms included in your pet's capsules. This medicine is extremely bitter and most pets will not eat it. If you plan to give the unopened capsules to your pet, they will not taste the medicine, so it can be included in your pet's prescription.